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5 Helpful Ways for Book Marketing

Keeping your book on the top of the list among other books requires enormous effort. When you are a beginner, it makes it more difficult. There are numerous diverse approaches to Book Marketing. However, the factor marketing is dynamic. So which worked excellently in the past may not work the same in the future. Therefore, you should always learn new things regarding marketing. Do not let your book go wasted due to inappropriate marketing strategies. Be creative and go for inventive approaches.

Some authors think that their book or writing style does not attract the audience. That is, in some cases, true. However, remember that the efforts always get you good outcomes. So there is a strong probability that those authors were using inappropriate methods of book marketing. Let me show you the top 5 helpful ways to market your book.

Update your Website Accordingly

It is the most common factor that everybody neglects. Authors totally focus on the quality of their book. They strategize their writing approaches, make creative books, and many more. However, most of them ignore their websites. Even when I visit an author’s website, I observe the content of their website. Basic information or content can be anything, like a contact page, or how to buy a book guide, or anything alike.

Moreover, you can add a page to your website which contains the upcoming books and events. This way, your readers will never miss anything. Adding a bio page is an exceptionally well-approach. Set up a concise biography with your photo, and put in some details of your books. Also, to make your website more eye-catching, add a book’s cover. An individual book page with a book’s cover works excellently. You can mention the link to an excerpt too. Else, you can directly upload a PDF of the first chapter of your book. Therefore, these things make your website look creative and authentic.

The reviews section helps us in winning the trust of viewers. Thus, add reviews and recommendations of readers on the homepage. Also, many authors add a blog related to reading guides or different reading tastes. It is an effective strategy too. However, that is an exceptional case. Remember, linking your social media platforms is necessary. This way, the viewers can recognize whether you are an authentic author or not. You can also add your email for personal queries.

Offer Deals and Discounts

Deals are an excellent approach for marketing, but this works if you have multiple books. So when you complete your collection of at least four books, you need to think about making deals. For a new author, even four books sound like a lot. However, remember that the more books you have, the more marketing strategies you can implement.

Furthermore, having multiple genres of books can help you get a different audience. Plus, by using diversified books, you can make a deal offer easily. For example, selling three books of a series in a discounted deal will get you more clicks. This way, the people who bought it will follow the series and buy your fourth book too.

Many authors give the first book of their series free for a limited time period. This way, they can get readers into the series. Readers will never leave something for free. Thus, if you cannot afford to offer free books, run a low pricing deal like $0.99 per book. Moreover, remember to put an excerpt of your upcoming book in the back of the book. You can still find many more discounts strategies aside from these. It is better to try them all.

Produce Clickable and Creative Web Content

You can put a different type of web content to augment your marketing strategy. Banners are vital to seek the attention of viewers. Moreover, popups can present discounted deals in a creative approach. If you want to hold your readers, ensure you put clickable popups and banners. There are no limitations when it comes to creativity. Thus, try to put an excerpt in a popup with a clickable link to the book. This way, if the reader likes it, they can proceed further to buy the book through the link.

Put Excerpts Wherever You Can

People will buy your book solely when they see it somewhere. Excerpts let the user experience the touch of your book. So an excellent excerpt strategy can amplify your marketing process significantly. Also, you can use teasers to promote your upcoming books. Social media platforms can help you in this scenario. Putting excepts wherever you can mean to put them everywhere. Your books may start feeling old to you, but remember that they are never old for new readers.

Form Personal Connections

Many authors make conversation groups on social media platforms. You may have seen a lot of groups on Facebook. These groups can help us in staying in touch with our readers. Moreover, our readers can directly message us for a personal conversation. It is an efficient engagement method. You can ask your readers personally for suggestions. For example, if you want to bring a place in your book, what should it be? Or you can ask for a pet name. It can be anything.

These social media groups are the sole opportunity to communicate with your audience directly. Remember, nobody can help you the way your audience can. Ask them what they like. Engage them in the writing process so that they will find the book interesting later. This way, your audience will understand how important they are for you. Many new writers do not form groups, and that is a mistake. Creating social media groups at the beginning of your career is the best thing you can do.


When an author thinks about balancing things all together, they neglect the thought of appropriate book marketing. Marketing is as vital as the quality of your writing. If you think critically and find new ways often, you can market your book effectively. No matter your books are old or new, appropriate marketing strategies can bring them back to life. Moreover, many readers love to read old books. So do not think that your old book will not stand out among new ones.

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