5 Steps To Avoid Digital Distraction During Online Class

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5 Steps To Avoid Digital Distraction During Online Class

If you are struggling hard to reduce digital distraction during your online class, you are at the right place. In this covid-19 era, when all your classes have turned online, it has become hard to concentrate on what the educator is saying. Physically you might be in the online class but mentally, you are strolling through your social media, thinking that in the end, you’ll take an online class help to pass your exams. However, this is not the wise practice.

Though it might get you to benefit in the end, in practical life, when you will be needing these concepts, you will juggle hard. Moreover, the constant attention towards social media will make you habitual of ignoring your studies and when it’s the time to get back to brick and mortar school, learning will get tough for you. For such students who get addicted to social sites and ignore their online classes, our experts recommend taking online classes via desktop computers.

To know why they say this and what more tips they have, stay connected, and flick through the next shred.

Five Tricks To Avoid Digital Distraction In Your Online Class

Below are our expert-recommended tips to avoid social media distraction and pay attention to online classes. Including them in your routine to study hard will give you an edge in your learning and we promise you won’t regret it.

Take Online Class Help On Desktop Computer

Believe us or not but when you are taking your online classes on desktop computers or laptops, you are more attentive than you are on your cellphones. All those popup notifications that were the culprit behind your lack of concentration are now out of the league and there is no digital distraction to divert your mind.

If you are using your smartphone, you are always attracted to unlocking your cellphone and checking what’s new on your feed. Therefore, it is important to keep your phone aside and focus solely on your online classes. Check out the sites that hold on your attention the most. Next, keep yourself logged out from them when attending your on-screen classes. You can also try keeping your phone on silent or airplane mode if that helps you.

These tactics help a lot and make a huge difference. Also, the results are not slow or won’t take any additional time. They are rapid and you will witness them within a few days. The drill might be difficult in beginning but once you are in habit, nothing will ever stop you.

Make Notes

Making notes is an excellent idea when you are lacking attention in your online class. Make your mind keen to jot down key points that are being taught in the class. Maintain your pace and make sure to write down all the important concepts. When you are all set to write these concepts, there are fewer chances that you will get distracted by any social apps or sites. You can also try to make possible questions at the same time from the given lecture. This will help you draw attention to your online class.

Some degreed scholars at our site suggest discussing these points with your friends to make sure you are not missing out on anything. If you are implementing this idea into your daily learning schedule, we are sure you won’t miss your lectures or get distracted. When your mind knows where it has to focus, happens rarely that it wanders. This way you are more motivated and ambitious to attend your online class.

Take Breaks

No matter how intelligent you are and long your attention span is, make sure you don’t avoid breaks. From an intelligent to a dim mind, all of them need peace and space. If your mind is fully occupied and always busy acquiring new concepts, there are chances that it will collapse soon and you will lose all your motivation to focus on your online class. Therefore, make sure to take some time off and de-clutter your mind.

Though focusing and attending online classes are important and it is what we are here to discuss, taking rest is crucial. When all drained during your online class, consider taking a break of four to five minutes. Bring your brain to the rest, and then get back to join the chain.

Engage With Your Mates

We have witnessed the massive success of this tip. Students who engage with their teachers and mates during their online class are more likely to have better focus. They seldom get out of the focus by their social media. Digital distraction, we all know is real and once you are glued to it, it’s hard to find a way back to studies. If you like communicating with your friends on your digital devices, communicate via an online class. If outside the online class, add in some essence of your online learning.

For instance, you can discuss learning material that your teachers shared. Ask questions to your mates and clear a knotty concept. You can even get answers to complex questions that are bothering you. Through this drill, you will participate equally in your class and your teacher will get impressed. Also, you’ll get to use your digital devices and social apps simultaneously without compromising on your online classes.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Even though your teacher is there to teach you and assist you, it is your responsibility to take your online classes on time. It’s you who needs to see there are no distractions. Also, study hard to ace your online exams. No matter how good the supervision of your teacher is, you must implement habits that draw your attention to online classes and take you far from digital distractions. Make yourself responsible for attending your online classes and hold yourself accountable for completing your online coursework. It is the duty of no one else except you.


If you are anxious due to some reason and lack attention for your online classes, get online class help. However, if it’s just that you are distracted from digital gadgets and are glued to social apps, alter your priorities. Focus more on your online classes. The above tips will help you do so but you must be high in spirits. Until your mind is ready to pay heed to your online classes, you won’t come out of digital distractions. So be meticulous with what your mind holds.

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