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Online Learning – 10 easy steps to make it easier for you

After the coronavirus completely changed the learning methods, we have seen many students struggling with their online classes. The shift of brick-and-mortar schools to online schools was swift and one was already prepared for it. Though the government imposed lockdowns to stop the spread of the diseases is appreciated by most, many are completely distressed with it. According to researches, over 30% of students in the US are unhappy with online learning and many are reaching out to academic service providers requesting to do my online class for me.

We know that this mode of education is complicated and brings lacking to our study regime. However, approaching online contractors is not the only choice. Today and the future is all about online learning and most of the courses in upcoming years will be only taught online.

Ten Thriving Tricks For Online Learning

To help struggling students now and in the future, our experts have picked out ten thriving tips. These pointers will help you focus better on your online classes and will improve your overall productivity.

  1. Make Your Schedule

Making a schedule is crucial for students. Whether on-campus or online classes, a schedule helps a lot. It helps you streamline your daily tasks and manage your online learning effectively. For instance, jot down your goals for the day on a piece of paper and allot each goal a specific time.

When you know what work needs to be done at what time, you won’t jumble up your everyday errands and pull out some leisure time for yourself. This practice will help you in releasing study stress, so you can concentrate on your class better. 

  • Don’t Procrastinate

After you have your schedule or a to-do list handy, make sure you don’t delay your tasks even for a second. Students who are struggling with online classes are mostly the ones who procrastinate a lot. If you want two hours of delay for a thirty-minute class, apologies but you are on a wrong track.

Complete all your chores and educational tasks on their apportioned time and see the difference yourself. Give yourself small challenges each day and try to achieve them all in the allotted time. This will help you in setting up a routine and later you’ll only have to work on consistency.

  • Set Your Study Environment

The study environment is important to keep you active and attentive in your online class. Instead of attending your classes on a comfy couch or cozy sofa, get yourself a study desk and chair. The posture on this chair will stop you from losing your focus and eventually you will return to your online class better.  

To make this area out of the study blues, add some interesting games like a Rubik’s cube, enigma puzzle, etc. With these games, there’s never a dull moment, your mind will be alert all the time.

  • Avoid Distractions

Distractions are the biggest culprit of online learning. Make sure you leave no space for disturbance and interruption in your study time. When at home, close the door and ask family members to not disturb you. Also, make sure you are logged out of all your social media accounts. Otherwise, the notifications won’t let you focus on your studies.

  • Get A Reliable Internet

Do you know what does an annoying pet peeve looks like? Replace the first word of this heading with “not” and read out louder. Yes, you got it right. A broken or wrecked internet connection is one of the major reasons students run away from online learning. The buffering and connections piss the student to an extent where they get frustrated and run off their online classes. Therefore, a must thing to do is get an unfailing internet connection.

  • Track Your Failures And Achievements

Note down all you want to achieve for the month and track what you did and what you couldn’t. Find the lacking and challenge yourself to overcome them. Hold yourself accountable for your failures and celebrate your achievements. You can also post your Feats on social media, this drill will definitely help you focus better.

When you have a family, a clan, or a community that supports you, the results are extraordinary. Therefore, include people in your accomplishments. Don’t shy away from announcing them.

  • Participate In Discussions

No matter if you are enjoying your online class or not, take notes and participate in discussions. Chat about what is unclear to you and ask your teacher to make it clear. If you are not comfortable asking your teacher, ask your friend or the partner but please, do.

Active participation helps in clearing complicated concepts and knotted ideas. Ask questions about your upcoming assignments, assessments, term papers, etc. This will extend your attention span and you’ll definitely complete your course with better grades.

  • Take Breaks

All the above points do not mean studying nonstop without any breaks. Instead, to make yourself more efficient, it’s recommended to take more breaks. Have more than two classes back to back or a class of more than an hour? Take breaks. While studying, after every thirty minutes, take a five minutes break and return back more actively.

  • Eat Healthy

Don’t, I repeat don’t compromise on your diet. Take proper food and add enough nutrients. From the food pyramid, take some quantity of all nutrients and munch on a healthy meal. Moreover, don’t forget enough water intake.

  1. Ensure Seven Hours Of Sleep

Sleep deprivation can bring serious issues and you might have to suffer more than you expect. Therefore, make sure to take at least seven hours of sleep. Though eight hours is ideal, seven would work too to keep you focused in your online class.


If you are also someone who runs away from online classes and ask others to do my online class for me, try to mend this. This is not a good practice until you have a genuine reason. Try to follow the above tricks and keep an eye on what tips are working for you and what is not.

To ensure high performance, work on consistency. Make your daily routine and stay consistent with it.

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